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Illegally obtained footage from China 3 days before the Corona Virus outbreak! Signs of cover-up!

As many of us know today's news is anything but easy to decipher. First wear a mask then don't wear a mask then we only need one shot, then two, then three! The reason why is because big media companies like ABC(Disney, ESPN,FX and Hulu), NBC/Universal, News Corp and AT&T/Warner Bros. Controlling virtually everything these 4 conglomerates have about 92-98% of the mainstream media. Which is realistically probably closer to 100%. Unless you're reading a paper like The Valley News or The Palmdale Gazette. The problem is that these huge corporations have such diversified portfolios(not to mention advertisers) that this greatly effects whats being reported. Let's say there is an outbreak of Food poisoning at Disneyland due to the $16 Turkey legs being from last year. Is that something that ABC would want to report? Or let's say... Oh I don't know, these overly honest gas and oil companies that would never take advantage of the public trust just to make a profit. Yes, they spend billion's annually in advertising. That is why we never hear anything but lies when it comes to Oil and Oil Production.

With that being said this video is crazy. It shows the real of what was and is happening in China.


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