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How else could we start this off but with the West Coast's own Ice Cube. The iconic creator of classic Music, Cinema and (In my opinion) the person who made Fat Burger a house hold name. Ice Cube born Oshea Jackson and founding member of NWA has released 10 solo albums and appeared on close to a hundred other projects. According to Wikipedia and Google he's sold over 10 Million(Yayae!!) and who know's how many Million in Film.

(This has to be one of the best and most satirical(and surely accidental) picture of Ice Cube ever.)

Ice Cube was born June 15, 1969 in Baldwin Hills, to Hospital clerk Doris Jackson and UCLA groundskeeper and Machinist, Hosea Jackson. Cube has an older brother and had a half sister who was murdered when Ice Cube was only 12. Although he grew up in South Central on Van Wick St. he attended school in the Valley at Taft High School and started writing rhymes in 9th Grade. Crediting his older brother for his name, Cube claims "One day my brother threatened to slam me into a freezer and not pull me out until I was an ice cube, so I just used that and it caught on."

Ice Cube started a rap group, CIA, with friend and phenomenal Producer Sir Jinx. At age 16 he sold his first song to Eazy-E who at the time hadn't formed NWA and was still just Eric Wright. After the start and destruction of NWA(who really just couldn't compete with Cube and his solo project), so after crushing NWA with 'Amerikka's Most Wanted' Ice Cube dropped 'The Predator' on Novemer 17th, 1992, almost exactly six months from the Rodney King Verdict which sent Los Angeles into one of the United States biggest and deadliest riots in History.

'The Predator' and 'Lethal Injection' are personally my two favorite Ice Cube albums. 'Amerikka's Most Wanted' was cool but for a top to bottom listen, those two are my favorite. THe funy thing is, is that when Ice cube dropped "It Was A Good Day" everyone was writing him off saying he went soft(allegedly that is why at the end of the song Cube says: "Man stop that, I dont even know what i was thinkin bout" as some type of protest/see I didn't wanna do that song if the record flopped. This was in the early 90's when you had 2Pac "Holla If Ya Hear Me", Cypress Hill " How I Could Just Kill A Man" and Onyx "Slam". All those songs had beats that were really agressive sounding and fast. The average tempo in the early 90's was probable between 106-110 B.P.M.(Beats Per Minute) and here Ice Cube drops "it Was A Good Day" which i think is like 84B.P.M.? Obviously the song was a huge hit and everyone kept riding with Ice Cube...Until the next album 'Lethal Injection' came out. Guess what everyone said about Cube again???? You guessed it, he went soft. LOL

WATCH: Ice Cube "It Was A Good Day"

"It Was A Good Day" Sample

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Full Ice Cube Wikipedia:


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