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Artist Spotlight of The Week

Xp The Marxman is an LA resident(818 to be exact) who has been pushing the boundaries of his music for years, and has most recently crossed over into the Cannabis industry with his Salamander Kush. His latest project "At God Speed Speed" is a certified classic with some amazing production, stellar lyricism and catchy ass hooks will definitely get your head nodding.

Check the "Salamander King" and "LyfeTyme" Video's below, the first person to email a screen or snapshot of DJ LimeGreen's cameo will get a free copy of DJ LimeGreen's book "The Ultimate Drum Machine Coloring Book"

Be sure and follow him on Spotify! and Instagram here>

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XP The Marxman "Salamander King" Official Music Video

XP The Marxman "LyfeTyme" Official Music Video @thesalamanderxpog

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