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Illwerd's pick's of the week!

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Evidence - Weather or Not In an era where everyone jumping waves its good to see fools like EV who stick to their lane. It’s kinda missing the breakout tracks that we usually get from EV but is a cool project overall. I don’t advertise bullshit, so whenever there's dry spot releases I'm gonna start hitting you with "Fools You Might Not Heard Bout”...and I goes like this:

Robbs - Lost Times Robbs been dope but I think he found his pocket on this one. Out of Panorama City he been doing his numbers for a minute, I think its overdue for him to get a bigger platform.

Ai -The Beginning Producer Ai has been developing his Illegal P brand for a minute and this album brings it all together. This compilation is a showcase to his clean mixing and production which shows promise with the artists he’s building up.

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