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Illwerd's picks of the weeks.

King Los - GOAT/Moor Bars – GOAT is him rapping on known singles, and Moor Bars is original shit, he goes off on both. Los just needs to put out classic official album and he can easily in argument for best rapper out.

Jeezy - Pressure – Another solid project by Jeezy, everything you expect from him done well. If you not a fan of him you at least need to check that American Dream track, shit is CRAZY

Scarface - Deeply Rooted(The Lost Files) - If you Slept on Deeply Rooted go slap yourself then come back and listen to. this Scarface once agains reminds you of why he should be in your top 10 even with throwaway tracks.

Conway - G.O.A.T - Conway is this Generations Mobb Deep.When you want that gutter shit he always brings that street hop and this is no exception. His Official Album is gonna be CRAZY!!!

Lil Wayne - Dedication 6 - Definitely not the best f the dedication series but Wayne has moments on here tat remind you why he is so highly regarded.

Travis Scott & Quavo - Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho - This shit slaps as expected and these two sound like they been doing music forever. Definitely one to bang out in the whip.

In case you missed it: Kota the friend - Paloma Beach - I had to acknowledge this album because I barely stumbled on it and its some good quality music. Has a chill smoke a blunt to vibe and dude has a real smooth flow that carries the album.

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